How It All Began

“You have all that hair” is what I’ve heard all my life. Well, baaaaby when I hit 40 my hair went bonkers. It was growing and shedding. One month it was thick as a forest fire, the next two months it was thin as the wind. A few months later it would be gray then light brown then black. I’m telling y’all, 😒 I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.
So, I ditched the chemicals. Have been 100% natural since 2016. That’s blown my mind 🤯.Going natural is not for the weak! I didn’t get that “good hair” grade from either side of the family.. go figure.
I tried 100 products and spent $50K on products <~~exaggerating but it sure seems like it 😂. Some of them have been great products but just not FOR ME😩. And before y’all go saying “trust the process“ I did. I jumped in the hair game at 12. If I don’t know anything I KNOW HAIR. Remember, I didn’t get the “easy” hair like the family😂. I didn’t have a choice but to learn how to do hair. My momma sent me right on to the salon all-day and watch and learn. I watched my aunt Angie graduate from Cosmetology school, and it was on from there.
I was a bumper curling, finger waving, hair coloring, box braiding machine💪🏽 by the time I was 14. I was putting popcorn waves in all the church lady's hair😂
Now back to the present😂. My natural hair went crazy and so did I. I knew I had to come up with something that would keep me from going full Britney Spears 💇🏽‍♀️.So, in the midst of my travels and working 50/11 jobs, I have also come up with the juice!
There has been a few different versions of this that I’ve played around with and for those of you that have had it and thought that was something…. this liquid gold 💪🏽 I have now Baaaaaaaaaby🔥🔥🔥🔥FIYA
I’m talking about 30-day results on all hair types! I know because it’s tested! 
So after this long story. I introduce you to Kim Rose by Jackie Hair Oil. My mother's name is Jackie and she has never been able to put 1 ponytail in anyone's head😂🤦🏽‍♀️. My aunts Kim and Rose tried but they had sons first so that didn’t help me much. I’m the first granddaughter on my maternal side so as I was trying to come up with a name, these 3 stood out the most for this particular product. Which is now ready and available to the public.